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Venture Drive
Your venture's initial Vision/Traction Organizer uploaded by November 12, 5 p.m.

All awards will be presented on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at the Michigan Celebrates Small Business event in Lansing..
 1. Does at least one member of your team live, work, or go to school in Michigan?
 2. If your team/company exists as a legal entity(example: Corporation or LLC), please click here to answer a few questions about your company.

  How long have you been in operation?

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 6. Is your venture incorporated (registered in any state as an LLC or corporation)? If yes, what was the date of formation? (Month/Year)
 7. Is your venture operating under a DBA? If yes, what was the date of the DBA filing? (Month/Year)

 8. Have you, or do you plan to be, incorporated in Michigan? (Month/Year)

 9. How many full time employees/contract workers do you have as of today's date (include founder)?

 10. As of today's date, what dollar amount of venture capital or angel investment do you have?

 11. As of today's date, what dollar amount in grants have you received?

 12. As of today's date, what dollar amount in loans have you signed for?
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  Please signify in under 50 words what help you desire from a coach or mentor.

  Coaches will be matched with a team based on the following preliminary 10-question assessment. Please answer the following ten questions:

What is the opportunity you are capitalizing on; the problem you are trying to solve; or the need you are trying to fill?
Briefly describe the product or service you will offer.
How is your product better than any existing products or other developing technologies?
What are the barriers to solving this problem now?
How will you overcome these barriers?
How big do you think the market is? Do you have data to support this?
Who is your customer (who will be writing you the checks for payment)?
Who are your major competitors?
How far along are you?
a. Sites with some development still needed.
b. Fully functional sites in the hands of potential customers.
c. Already could be selling to paying customers and have been approached.
Who is on your team and what other help do you need?

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You understand and acknowledge that MiQuest, its board members, officers, sponsors, judges, coaches, and organizers are volunteers and are under no obligation to render any advice or service to you or any other competitor. The views expressed by these people are their own and not those of MiQuest.

As a registered participant, you take sole responsibility for protecting your rights or the rights of third parties in any intellectual property involved in the business described in submitted business plans. You also take sole responsibility for determining whether any third party has rights in any such intellectual property, notifying any such third party of inclusion of any disclosure of that intellectual property in a submitted business plan, and obtaining any necessary permissions from such third party. Further, you are cautioned that disclosure of intellectual property in your submission may compromise or destroy those rights. MiQuest is not responsible for the content of any submitted business plan or protection thereof, including disclosures relating to intellectual property.

You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that although the organizers of the competition will take reasonable steps to preserve the confidentiality to the concepts, ideas, and potential trade secrets contained in materials submitted as part of the competition, none of the board members, officers, sponsors, judges, coaches, and organizers of MiQuest are or will be liable for any loss, damage, or cost you may suffer by reason of the disclosure of these concepts, ideas, or trade secrets, the legal protection of which are your sole responsibility. Accordingly, and in consideration of the time and effort provided by such persons, you release and discharge each such person from any such loss, damage, or cost relating to or arising out of any such person's participation in the competition.

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